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Marianne Wegmüller


Marianne grew up in Marbach, a picturesque village in the Rhine Valley. She did her training in administration there, and soon changed over to forwarding, where things happen, as she says, and work is diversified. She took a special course in forwarding for retrainees and at the same time gained practical experience here at TTS AG.

Her family and friends are especially important to her. She loves traveling, photography and creative handicrafts. As a counterpoint to everyday life, she steps on the gas in badminton and snowboarding.

Questions to Marianne Wegmüller

Aloha, Hawaii – incredibly beautiful and diversified landscape, for each island is unique and something special. But the discovery tour is not finished yet…J

Cold Comella (a Swiss chocolate drink) at work in the mornings, yummy.

Better an oops than a what if.

The frank communication, the cordiality and mutual support in the team. That way, every task is fun, which ultimately our customers benefit from, too. 

Well, early morning and I, we don’t really get along with each other…

Marianne Wegmüller

Phone: +41 81 750 62 56
Skype: ttswegmueller