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At Home on the Silk Road

Transport & Terminal Services (TTS), one of our Swiss sister companies within the TransInvest Group, is a rail freight specialist. After its foundation in 1999, TTS Buchs was able to establish a comprehensive network for rail transport from Sweden to Greece and Spain to the CIS within a very short time. These traffics, a cornerstone of TTS, still work today on the basis of contracts directly with state and private owned RU’s (Railway Undertaker). Apart from this sector, TTS has by now also specialized in Europe-China rail freight. 

An Interview with TTS Managing Director Daniel Niederhauser

“Enormous growth to/from China was abruptly cut short in February.Owing to the Chinese New Year and the ensuing COVID-19 Lockdown there were numerous cancellations and delays. It took until mid-March for the situation to improve. In the meantime, containers are rolling again on the New Silk Road – more than ever before”, says Daniel Niederhauser. “Some months ago, permission came again to transport so far sanctioned EU goods like fresh food and agrarian products.”

Read the whole interview here: Newsletter September 2020