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Fresh out of production

What does this fancy container matter?

For our customer, we received two containers at the port of Antwerp. What's special about them? They are two new 40' high cube open side containers, meaning the doors can be opened from the side, almost like a cabinet.

The containers came from China in blue and were resprayed in gray (RAL9006) at the customer's request, says Daniel Keller, Sales Manager at TTS AG. "On Friday, they were picked up in Antwerp by container truck and brought to Buchs. This Monday the unloading took place. It's nice to see when planning can be smoothly put into action."

Why do you get two new containers from China, we ask our colleague: "Our customer and neighbor, Triet Storen AG from Buchs, is going to use these two containers as storage and therefore found a fast as well as cost-effective solution."

It was also exciting for our team to follow the transport with the final stop in front of our door. Closely (well, of course with COVID safety distance) we were allowed to satisfy a customer as a reliable container forwarder. Daniel Triet, Managing Director of Triet Storen AG says: " We know with TTS that it simply works."

Are you inspired by this solution or do you have another idea in mind? Don't leave it a thought and ask our expert right away: Mr. Daniel Keller