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Delivery from China

Direct consolidated container to Switzerland

Last Friday, the first two containers with general cargo shipments of the DraGo Express Shuttletrain left Xi'an (China). How does this offer vary from our other rail solutions from China? These LCL containers are brought to Switzerland without any detours and are first unloaded in Zurich. This allows us to offer an even more efficient service to our Swiss customers.

We pick up the goods for you all over China and load them onto the Eurasian train. The shipments are consolidated in the warehouse in Xi'an and transported to Zurich on a weekly basis. Here they are also labeled and customs cleared at the same time as they are unloaded. Your shipment reaches the desired destination with a transit time of 20 to 24 days and is twice as fast as by sea.

Would you like to save a place for your shipment? Please contact our specialist: Feride Nuhiji  

Please note that currently no perishable goods, all kinds of batteries, dangerous goods, medical protective equipment and face masks can be transported via this LCL service. Though we are happy to offer you alternatives.