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Single wagons
Single wagon transport is ideal for smaller to medium-dimensioned transport volumes – flexible ordering, area-wide coverage across the national and international railway networks.

For your regular or sporadic shipments on varied routes, TTS Transport & Terminal Services AG offers cost-effective single wagon traffics. Owing to our excellent cooperation with all European railways as well as diverse private rolling stock suppliers, we provide the appropriate freight wagon for each of your products. All your transports are controlled and monitored by us; you receive daily status reports.

Block trains
Block trains are your choice if you have large volumes of goods to transport such as wheat, oil, steel, gravel, coal, construction material, vehicles or wood.

In cooperation with private and state-owned railways in the Europe-wide network, we design entire block train concepts for you with short transit times, short border stops, and without time-consuming shunting at the stations. Upon request, we also provide the appropriate rolling stock.

Special transports
We organize special transports for heavy-lift or oversized cargo on the railway networks of the EU and the CIS. Our experts support you all the way from the first idea to the execution of your projects.

We carry out all the necessary logistics services for you, such as choosing the right wagon type, pre-carriage and on-forwarding via truck, safe transshipment, blocking, bracing and securing the freight as well as the customs clearance of your goods.