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Customs Clearance

Customs is a big chapter and some issues need to be clarified. What must be considered when importing? Which customs tariff applies? And a lot more. We know what to look for.

Container Rental and Sale

Whether new, used or with special requirements - we will find the suitable transport container for you.

Insurance & Dangerous Goods

Your goods are on the move nationally, internationally, in import or export. TTS transport insurance protects your goods on all routes.

Do you have anything to declare?

We are here to help you with all aspects of customs clearance.

The challenges in the international movement of goods are many and constantly changing. Thanks to our know-how, we succeed in minimizing complexity. This reduces customs risks and avoids delays.

We will gladly organize the appropriate customs clearance for you. Our expert, Daniel Keller, will be happy to advise you on +41 81 750 62 53 or by mail:

We advise you on:

  • Import and export customs clearance
  • EU customs clearance
  • Authorized consignee
  • Fiscal representation
  • Neutral customs clearance agent
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Border customs clearance
  • Online customs clearance systems

Container Rental and Sale

Are you looking for a container for transport or storage? We have it.

You can lease or buy from us used sea, storage, refrigerated, ISO, high cube, open top and special containers at top rates. In addition to standard 20’ and 40’ sea containers, we offer a wide range of commonly used containers, delivered to the desired destination.

Did you know we transported new 40′ High Cube Open Side Containers for a customer to use as storage? The special thing about it is that the doors can be opened from the side, almost like a cabinet. The containers came from China in blue and were resprayed in gray at the customer’s request.

Some common container types and their dimensions can be downloaded here:

Double stitched, holds better

Don't take any risk and insure your goods with us at the best possible conditions.

Roman Hutter is our expert in insurance matters. In addition, he is our hazardous materials officer. He will be happy to advise you on what to look out for.

Your subject matter expert

Take no risk and insure your goods with us at the best possible conditions.

Worth Knowing

Browse through our forwarding encyclopedia.

General Terms and Conditions of the Association of Swiss Forwarding and Logistics Companies. Supplements the provisions of the CO. Is applied to all orders executed by member companies (such as TTS AG) of SPEDLOGSWISS and its sections.

General conditions for the insurance of cargo transportation

Dangerous Goods Ordinance for Rhine/Inland Navigation

Dangerous Goods Ordinance for International Road Freight Transport

Transport insurance against all risks (provisions according to ABVT)

Swiss Commercial Vehicle Association

Federal Roads Office (responsible, among other things, for the approval of special transports)

Air Waybill – air waybill (transport document is not considered as a security)

Bunker Adjustment Factor – tariff surcharge in ocean freight due to fluctuating oil price

Federal Office for Civil Aviation

Bill of Lading – sea waybill (transport document is considered as a security)

Standard container – also called general purpose (GP) or dry van (DV)

Bulk container with filling and draining opening – suitable for loose goods (e.g. grain, rice, pellets or granules etc.)

Currency Adjustment Factor – tariff surcharge for the compensation of exchange rate fluctuations

International customs document, non-Union goods can be temporarily imported into the customs territory of the European Union

International escort certificate for transit in road traffic

Computer Aided Shipping System

Cost and Freight – cost and freight (named port of destination specified)

Cost Insurance Freight – Cost, insurance and freight to the port of destination.

Carriage and Insurance Paid to – Freight and Insurance Paid to Destination

Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road

Carriage Paid to – freight paid to destination

Container Safety Convention – ensures safety standard of containers in international traffic

Delivered at Place – delivered and ready to unload at destination

Delivered at Terminal – delivered and unloaded at the terminal

Delivered Duty Paid – delivered, duty paid to destination (including customs duty).
Incl. VAT must be explicitly noted with the addition “taxes included”

Container rent after exceeding the “free time

Shipping companies charge fees if the consignee returns the empty container to the depot too late.

Dangerous Goods Consultation – Dangerous Goods Regulations in Air Cargo issued by IATA.

Standard container – also called general purpose (GP) or box container

Electronic export/import clearance

European article number, which is used for barcodes.

Electronic assessment order – proof of export in electronic form

Exporter can register as EA – serves for simplified export of goods and can declare declaration of origin on the invoice without value restriction

Movement certificate – proof of origin of the goods (must be enclosed with all shipments whose value exceeds CHF 10,300.00)

Also called Sea Waybill – sea waybill without security character

Ex Works – ex works (specify location of the plant)

Free Carrier (specify agreed carrier)

Full Container Load

Forwarders Certificate of Receipt – Forwarders Certificate of Receipt

International Association of Global Freight Forwarding and Logistics Companies

Taxes or charges in road transport, such as LSVA in Switzerland or the toll in Germany

Free on board – Free on board (specify port of loading)

Certificate of origin for tariff preferences in favor of developing countries – purpose is to facilitate participation of developing countries in world trade. When importing goods accompanied by a FORM.A, a reduced import duty (partially to duty free) can be applied for.

Document containing information from a shipper to a carrier about a transportation order.

Transport goods that can endanger humans, animals and the environment. These are marked with the respective hazardous goods symbol.

National transit document – authorizes the transport of duty unpaid goods within the Swiss customs territory.

Dangerous Goods Officer Ordinance

Association for the promotion of freight transport by rail

Community tariff for intercity transports for truck transports (issued by ASTAG as a guideline tariff).

Transshipment point dn main traffic routes for transfer of goods to regional distributors

Denotes combined road/rail transport

International Air Transport Association – Worldwide umbrella organization of airlines

Regulation on the carriage of dangerous goods by sea

International Commercial Terms – Commercial terms established by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris that govern contract formulas commonly used in international trade.

Term for each mode of transport:

  • EXW: Ex Works
  • FCA: Free Carrier
  • CPT: Carriage Paid To
  • CIP: Carriage and Insurance Paid To
  • DAP: Delivered at Place
  • DPU: Delivered at Place Unloaded
  • DDP: Delivered Duties Paid

Term for maritime and inland navigation :

  • FAS: Free Alongside Ship
  • FOB: Free on Board
  • CFR: Cost and Freight
  • CIF: Cost Insurance and Freight

Combination of different modes of transport (road, rail, air and sea).

International Road Union – International Commercial Vehicle Association

ISO Certification 9001:2015
is the world’s most popular management system for corporate quality management.

Just in Time – delivery on time

Truck variant with smaller wheels, which gives a greater internal height for the load.

Known consignor

Vehicle with fixed body

Maritime transport document – Bill of Lading

Less than Container Load – term used in worldwide container traffic (where small consignments, from one or more shippers, are transported in one container).

guarantee contract, by which the forwarder or shipping company is released in writing from any claims for damages

Performance-based heavy vehicle fee – applies to journeys on all roads in Switzerland

Shows the relationship between volume and weight of goods

Multilateral Agreement on Conditions of Carriage by Air

New computerized transit system

(Not) tradable

Open bonded warehouse

Packing group – classification of substances and articles on the basis of the strength of the hazard (is divided into three different packing groups).

Franko – freight is paid at the place of departure

Quality assurance

Regulation on the carriage of dangerous goods by rail in international traffic

Ordinance on the carriage of dangerous goods by rail in Switzerland

Increased air freight tariff e.g. for live animals

Road Traffic Act (CH Act)

Weight of the packaging or even the transport container

weight according to which the freight is calculated (always the higher of the effective gross weight and the volume weight)

Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit
The container transport capacity of ships and port facilities is generally expressed in TEU.

Terminal Handling Charge – handling charges for full containers at seaports

Transports Internationaux Routiers – multilateral agreement on the international customs transit system.

Association of European Railway Companies

Unit Load Device – low location air cargo pallets and containers

Also called substance number – identification number specified for all dangerous substances and goods (dangerous goods).

Certifies the origin of listed goods and must be certified by the exporter through the Chamber of Commerce.

Classification of substances and articles based on the severity of the hazard (is divided into three different packaging groups).

Rail freight transport with whole wagons

Warehousing and management

Standardized and parkable loading unit adapted to the means of transport and storage facilities.



Authorised consignees – to accept goods in transit without submitting the transit declaration to the customs office at the destination

Bonded warehouse

Authorised consignors – to carry out transit operations without presenting the goods and the transit declaration at the customs office of departure

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