Cleverly combined

Boundless transport solutions

You are not sure yet how to ship your goods in the best possible and fastest way? Whether by train, truck, plane or ship - we cleverly combine all services for you via our dynamic network.

Land transports

Whether for part load or full truck load, we find the best transport route for you.

Container transports

Fits anywhere - we consider all aspects and ensure safe and smooth transport.

Air freight

Do you need a fast and secure transportation? With us, your goods are in good hands. With selected carriers, we transport cargo on all major trade routes worldwide.

Sea freight

With our sea offers we connect continents and get the best price/performance ratio for you.

With us you drive well

We are on the move for you on international roads.

Whether for part load or full truck load, we find the best transport route for you. Flexibility, reliability and the best possible rates are our top priorities. We also organize the customs clearance of your goods and keep you posted on the current status of your shipment.


Organizing container transports has been one of our core services since TTS Transport & Terminal Services AG was founded.

Since then, we have been able to convince renowned companies of the quality of our services. Our customers appreciate that we are flexible and apply due care; they also value our outstanding service as well as our competitive freight rates. We organize multi-modal container transports of all types.

In addition, we offer containers for rent and sale.

Some common container types and their dimensions can be downloaded here:

Land a direct hit

Your goods are in good hands with us.

With select carriers, we transport cargo on all major trade routes worldwide. Tailored to you, we offer conscientious, predictable and efficient transportation.

Sea freight & short sea

A wide range of container types, reliable transit times and global availability – these are the characteristics of ocean transport.

Our sea freight service does not end at the kai wall: with the TTS Transport & Terminal Services AG sea port hinterland traffics, your goods are delivered fast and at low cost from port to destination or from hinterland to port.

Short sea

This multi-modal shipping method that combines Europe-wide sea and overland transport in an effective way is one of our valuable products. In particular when road and rail networks are congested, this option is a time- and cost-saving as well as sustainable complement to truck and rail transport for many industries.

Did you know?

Not only is the waterway a viable alternative with many economic advantages, it also offers high capacity reserves (depending on the vessel size, between 100 and 200 truckloads) and is thus very ecological.

Together we will find the ideal way for you

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Thanks to our good knowledge of the market and extensive experience, we can offer you customer-oriented total solutions.

Rail freight

What can the railway do?

Our focus has been on rail since the beginning. Because we already knew back then that rail is a reliable, efficient and sustainable means of transport.
More pluses

China Express DraGo

What is DraGo?

Whether general cargo (LCL), single containers (FCL) or container groups - with DraGo we transport your goods quickly and efficiently from east to west or vice versa.
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Additional services

Those who can, do.

In order to offer you an all-round carefree package, customs clearance, insurance and container trading must not be missing. Read all kinds of interesting facts in our glossary.
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Grün hat Vorfahrt

Wir fühlen uns dem Umweltschutz verpflichtet und sind stets bemüht überflüssige Wege zu vermeiden, Verkehrsträger intelligent einzusetzen und so den Energieverbrauch gering zu halten. Ein effizienter  und ökonomisch-ökologisch sinnvoller Einsatz von Ressourcen ist für uns als Transportdienstleister eine Selbstverständlichkeit.

Respektvolles Miteinander

Unterschiedliche Kulturen und Mentalitäten werden verstanden und respektiert und die Mitarbeiter verständigen sich auf Austausch statt auf Dominanz. Unser unternehmerisches Handeln ist dabei von Fairness, Offenheit und Respekt geprägt. Wir übernehmen Verantwortung für unsere Mitarbeiter und setzen uns für ihre Sicherheit, Gesundheit und Gleichheit ein.