2022 was a good year

Buchs, Switzerland. Top motivated and extremely loyal employees who enjoy working together as a team, that is the secret behind the positive development of TTS Buchs in 2022, says Managing Director Daniel Niederhauser, who has headed the company since its foundation. The Corona years had had a very negative impact on business development; short-time work at customers, production reductions and quality losses at partners and at railroads, in addition to closures of transport routes and lack of resources (lack of railroad personnel as well as lack of hardware such as locomotives, etc.) led to a profound reduction in the range of services. This is now over; the excellent results generated in 2022 clearly show an upturn.

Contributing to the growth was not only the resumption of production and trade at customers after the pandemic, but also new routes and increased volumes of FCL & LCL shipments to and from China for Swiss customers. “We have also been able to regain customers and shipments in Central Asia,” says Daniel Niederhauser. “That’s where sustainable thinking, race-to-zero, plays a role: rail shipments are more environmentally friendly than shipments by road. In part, the increased demand for rail transport is also due to the massive increase in freight costs for other modes of transport in 2022.”

The customer base includes Swiss retail customers, production companies in the pulp & paper sector, the chemical and textile machinery industries, and manufacturers of household appliances. “Long-term orientation is important here,” Niederhauser says. “For some customers with production in Switzerland, we can carry out imports of raw materials and exports of finished goods by rail. This has been working optimally for decades and has even been increased after the Corona measures ended.”

With very good support from the accounting team in St. Gallen, the increased demands on the team associated with the increase in sales were well managed, he says. And he concludes with a word of praise: “None of this is feasible without a team that pulls together. Our employees put in an outstanding performance in 2022.”

TTS Buchs – brief info

Transport und Terminal Services AG in Buchs/SG was founded in 1999; the company organizes transports in the Eurasian region for Swiss customers and specializes in rail solutions and combined transport. (By the way, the animated website – www.transterminal.ch – shows very vividly, and also with wit, how things work at a large container terminal).

A team of twelve specialists takes care of the four divisions of the service portfolio: conventional rail transports, intermodal solutions, project transports, and the special offer Drago with FCL and LCL transports to and from China.

Grün hat Vorfahrt

Wir fühlen uns dem Umweltschutz verpflichtet und sind stets bemüht überflüssige Wege zu vermeiden, Verkehrsträger intelligent einzusetzen und so den Energieverbrauch gering zu halten. Ein effizienter  und ökonomisch-ökologisch sinnvoller Einsatz von Ressourcen ist für uns als Transportdienstleister eine Selbstverständlichkeit.

Respektvolles Miteinander

Unterschiedliche Kulturen und Mentalitäten werden verstanden und respektiert und die Mitarbeiter verständigen sich auf Austausch statt auf Dominanz. Unser unternehmerisches Handeln ist dabei von Fairness, Offenheit und Respekt geprägt. Wir übernehmen Verantwortung für unsere Mitarbeiter und setzen uns für ihre Sicherheit, Gesundheit und Gleichheit ein.