Express export and import with our container train China Switzerland

You are searching for a reliable and secure method to transport your precious goods and machines from Europe to Asia? Then it is good to have an experienced logistic partner like TTS Transport & Terminal Services AG by your side. With our efficient container train China Switzerland, we can offer you a variety of ecological and economical benefits. For around 40 years our company is specialized in transport solutions and thanks to the Transinvest Group, we can rely on an international network of logistic partners and customers. Besides our services with the container train China Switzerland, we are able to offer you also transports on the road, in the air and on the sea. For your personal needs we design customized logistic solutions to guarantee a smoothly transport of your goods and materials. Just call us for further information about the container train China Switzerland.

Europe, CIS and Asia

Our group has a network of 3,200 employees in 40 countries, which enables us to offer you customized services from a single source.

Whether via rail, road, air or sea

We will find the most suitable route for you and combine all services by land, air and sea ideally through our efficient network .

Over 20 years of experience

We take care of your project from consultation to delivery. Thanks to our well-founded market knowledge and wide-ranging experience, we can offer you customer-oriented single source solutions.

All-inclusive container train China Switzerland services

From pickup to delivery we take care of all necessary processes, therefore you can concentrate yourself on your daily business. Due to our full range of services, you are saving your money and your time in one go. This also includes warehousing, container consolidation and unpacking, miscellaneous charges, customs declaration, settlement of freight, inspection, loading and unloading, distribution, insurance and other related land transportation services. No matter if single trains, block trains or special transports for oversized cargo – for a container train China Switzerland you can buy or rent the suitable equipment as well. Our team of logistic experts supports you and provides advice for your personal needs. You can select between different types of containers, also for temperature sensitive goods. Together with our partners in 36 countries we design the best solution for your train transport with reliable transit times, short reloadings and projectable connections. Thanks to our track & trace system, you always have the control about your container train China Switzerland.

Your benefits of a transport by container train China Switzerland

There are a variety of benefits you will gain with an experienced and flexible partner like TTS Transport & Terminal Services AG by your side. Our container train China Switzerland is not only the fastest and cheapest possibility to transport goods from Europe to Asia, but also the most eco-friendly transport solution. As future-oriented company we are always looking for new transport possibilities to achieve our customers a competitive ability and at the same time preserve the natural environment for future generations. That´s why a container train China Switzerland is the most efficient way to transport goods over a long distance. Additionally, your goods will reach the target location much faster than by ship, thus your resources are not bounded for a long time. Furthermore, we are able to offer you multimodal transport solutions in combination with train, ship and airplane, so do not hesitate and contact our professional and highly motivated team.

Grün hat Vorfahrt

Wir fühlen uns dem Umweltschutz verpflichtet und sind stets bemüht überflüssige Wege zu vermeiden, Verkehrsträger intelligent einzusetzen und so den Energieverbrauch gering zu halten. Ein effizienter  und ökonomisch-ökologisch sinnvoller Einsatz von Ressourcen ist für uns als Transportdienstleister eine Selbstverständlichkeit.

Respektvolles Miteinander

Unterschiedliche Kulturen und Mentalitäten werden verstanden und respektiert und die Mitarbeiter verständigen sich auf Austausch statt auf Dominanz. Unser unternehmerisches Handeln ist dabei von Fairness, Offenheit und Respekt geprägt. Wir übernehmen Verantwortung für unsere Mitarbeiter und setzen uns für ihre Sicherheit, Gesundheit und Gleichheit ein.