Rail freight container Switzerland to China transport: Economically and ecologically efficient

Using our rail freight container Switzerland to China service is an excellent alternative to sea and air freight. The advantages for you are obvious and will be discussed in the following. Faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other transport means. For the rail freight container Switzerland to China transport we use container shuttle train service connecting Switzerland and the European Union with China, self-evidently as East- and Westbound traffic. We master the distance of 12.500 kilometres within 21 to 24 days, pre- and on-carriage already included. For this reason, our rail freight container Switzerland to China service is twice as fast as delivering your goods by sea freight and much cheaper than shipping by air freight. Another important advantage becoming more and more important in these days: Using the rail freight container Switzerland to China transport is intensely reducing the CO2 emissions compared to other transport means.

Europe, CIS and Asia

Our group has a network of 3,200 employees in 40 countries, which enables us to offer you customized services from a single source.

Whether via rail, road, air or sea

We will find the most suitable route for you and combine all services by land, air and sea ideally through our efficient network .

Over 20 years of experience

We take care of your project from consultation to delivery. Thanks to our well-founded market knowledge and wide-ranging experience, we can offer you customer-oriented single source solutions.

Ensurance for a trouble-free delivery of rail freight container Switzerland to China

The TTS Transport & Terminal Services AG is part of the TransInvest Group, extensively acting in Central and East Europe, the CIS countries, the Balkans as well as Near and Middle East. Our customers have high demands, but believe us, our quality guidelines are even higher. A detailed planning of safe transport routes and the regular review and adjustment of the security measures for your rail freight container Switzerland to China transport is a matter of course for us. Transport security is a key criterium for a flawless supply chain management. This refers to work and transport safety as well as to data and information security. With our extensive safety precautions, we ensure that your rail freight container from Switzerland to China transport will arrive complete, undamaged and unspoiled its final destination.

Our transport services: Safe and sound

If you decide using our rail freight container Switzerland to China offer, you can be sure to get a competent and complete service for a very reasonable price. We transport goods in block trains with several departures per week. The pre- and on-carriage takes place by trucks. We carry single containers, container groups and general cargo/less-than-container-load. As rail freight container Switzerland to China we use 40‘ HC container, 20‘ container (in pairs only) and 45‘ reefer container for sensible goods. The equipment will be checked before loading to avoid any damage of your precious goods. Your freight will be carefully reloaded and reviewed. Our long-term transport partners are all working efficiently and take care of a trouble-free process. As a matter of fact, during the rail freight container from Switzerland to China transport with your goods you receive daily location messages. Additionally, you will be informed about the estimated arrival time of the rail freight container Switzerland to China. Gladly we will help you with a flawless customs clearance for your rail freight container from Switzerland to China. For Switzerland being a non-EU country, a special customs clearance is necessary.

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Grün hat Vorfahrt

Wir fühlen uns dem Umweltschutz verpflichtet und sind stets bemüht überflüssige Wege zu vermeiden, Verkehrsträger intelligent einzusetzen und so den Energieverbrauch gering zu halten. Ein effizienter  und ökonomisch-ökologisch sinnvoller Einsatz von Ressourcen ist für uns als Transportdienstleister eine Selbstverständlichkeit.

Respektvolles Miteinander

Unterschiedliche Kulturen und Mentalitäten werden verstanden und respektiert und die Mitarbeiter verständigen sich auf Austausch statt auf Dominanz. Unser unternehmerisches Handeln ist dabei von Fairness, Offenheit und Respekt geprägt. Wir übernehmen Verantwortung für unsere Mitarbeiter und setzen uns für ihre Sicherheit, Gesundheit und Gleichheit ein.